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#DonateMyFee – Raising money for blind and visually impaired children.


Some of you may know that our daughter, Hadar, was born visually impaired. She is very nearsighted in a way that cannot be corrected with glasses and, as a result, her childhood has been very different from that of her older brothers. What normal children learn naturally from their environment passes outside her field of vision. We had to learn quickly to adapt and that’s how we found ELIYA.

ELIYA runs programs to help blind or visually impaired children from 6 months to 6 years old, and their families. Their expert staff of teachers, therapists, and assistants with their decades of experience have helped Hadar close the developmental gaps between her and other children her age. They have given her tools and confidence to overcome her disadvantages. The growth we’ve seen as her parents is miraculous and we are sure that we couldn’t have gotten to this point on our own.

To say thank you for their wonderful work, I am offering my consulting services and asking that you donate my fees to ELIYA. They have Israeli, US, and UK organizations in case one is better for you than others. If you or your company are interested, please message me for details. (Of course you can just donate for the sake of giving to a good cause also.)