Internet Rimon – First Impressions

Last night I came home to a house without Internet. It is my fault really- I hadn’t found time to switch to a new provider and my old job finally canceled the account they had given me.
Most of the reason I hadn’t decided on a new provider was because I was debating switching to the new Israeli ISP – Internet Rimon.

On one hand they provide “kosher internet” and it seems the religious thing to do.
On the other hand, I have been responsible for providing filtered internet solutions before and I was worried that the filtering would make it impossible for me to work from home.

Now before I say more, I’m signed up to the most basic package which is only supposed to filter out pornography and violence. It is taking the “blacklist” approach which will always have some cracks. I would assume that the more protected packages work differently and possibly “better”.

As the package is, it looks to me like it will filter out casual contact with unwanted content. It may even stop an undetermined teenager. It has no chance of defeating someone mildly determined. I don’t see much in the way of special technology that was all hyped up in the media.

In short, I bypassed the filtering at least two ways in 20 minutes using nothing but freeware and a browser. If you think Internet Rimon is going to protect you kids from the Internet, don’t rely on the basic package. I’m not sure the stricter packages are better but I can tell you that the basic package will only stop casual browsing from landing on something immodest.

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