Month: February 2010 – New Micropayment Service Coming

Just saw this on Slashdot. Basically the idea is that you give them a certain amount of money each month which you then use to “flatter” Internet content that you like. By clicking on someone’s Flattr button the same way you would click on a Digg button, etc. you give that person a share of your monthly pot.

According to the video, “Flattr” is also a play on “Flat Rate” that is, you would spend the same amount of money each month. This means, you aren’t spending more if you click on more Flattr buttons. Since your pot or “cake” is split evenly between the people you Flattr, as long as you Flattr someone, the money goes somewhere. I’m not sure what happens if you don’t Flattr anyone???

While it seems like a good idea, and the domain name it great, I’m not sure there is any market for more “buttons”. They should probably try integrating this directly into Twitter, Digg, etc. so if someone retweets, they get a piece of the cake. There are already too many social networks as it is.

My guess is that there is no IP here keeping Digg or Twitter from offering this themselves and faster. In the end, whichever network can offer more from one place will win out of convenience.

Cute Site Based on Google

I just ran into an interesting site Goosh = GOOgle SHell – basically the guy has built a CLI or shell interface to google services. Strangely enough, it gives you a CLI inside your web browser which might be an oxymoron but it’s cute anyway.
It apparently has the ability to access your accounts if you login but I wouldn’t trust my identity to it so be careful.

Google Analytics Showing Strange Statistics

Google Analytics has been showing me weird numbers since the beginning of February. While it is completely possible that these numbers are correct, it is also hard for me to believe.

Since February Analytics shows the same number of visitors each dayUsually, the traffic looks like a rough bell will low traffic on the weekends.

The number of visitors each day is almost exactly the same (103,102,103,104) which has never been the case for this site.